Mi Nombre Es…


            My name is Alejandro and it represents Alexander in English. Its meaning in Greek and Spanish is, “Man's defender or warrior.”  It has many letters that sound off the eccentricities of the vowels. Just roll the tongue on “r.” Alejandrrrrrro and you have the sound just right. My name represents a pathway into the corridors of my Hispanic culture. I can hear the Spanish melodies coming from within the sound of my name. I can hear my grandmother cheerfully acknowledging my name with such high hopes for the future. I reside upon my name as an honor to have lived. I live so that my name might be called once or twice.

            As a child my mother always called me Alex, but if I got into mischief she would call me Alejandro. I knew that I was in trouble and could be sure to have some kind of punishment for my actions when Alejandro was nearing. I have heard my name in negative ways, and I have heard my name in a positive manner. I never get tired of listening to my name. I have been called Ale-Jon-Dro many times and that is why I prefer to go with my nickname. My nickname is short and sweet, Alex. It never fails me, it never let’s me down. Who would mistake the spelling of Alex? Who may say it differently? I believe that Alex is simple, and it means me. Simple.

            I am so glad that my parents named me something I could really be proud of. It was hard to love my name with all the weird pronunciations. But I continue to grow and appreciate my name. I am much more fond of Alex because it represents me in the simplicity of myself. But my name Alejandro has a special and significant meaning because my parents took the time to name me. I believe that Alejandro grew out of my parents, and it continues to grow. I hope to have my name reach the ends of the earth. I will continue to fight and defend what is mine. I am a warrior.

About Me

A teacher at Potrero Kids and author of fiction writing.